Which is the best airport in the UK?

There are many different airports within the United Kingdom used for international as well as domestic flights. The airports in the United Kingdom are huge and are known worldwide for their infrastructure as well as the great customer service the management offers. There are many airports in the UK however today’s focus will be especially upon the five best airports in the United Kingdom.

The details of these five airports are given below.


Heathrow Airport

Heathrow Airport is located in London and is considered one of the best and busiest airports in the entire world, let alone the United Kingdom. It is currently the busiest airport in the UK and also serves passengers for domestic and local flights within the United Kingdom, coupled with the external international flights to the rest of the countries in the world. Since the United Kingdom is a country that is widespread and it can take many hours for people to travel from one place to another internally, many people prefer to travel via flights and this is why internal flights are extremely popular here. London, being the hub of England makes it a very busy and populated area. Therefore, Heathrow Airport is one that is always full of passengers who are traveling to and from London. As of 2019, the airport is known for serving at least 81 million passengers annually.

Gatwick Airport

Gatwick Airport is another airport located in London. Since London is a populated city, it needs more than one airport to accommodate the traveling of its people. Statistics show that Gatwick Airport served more than 46 million passengers in the annual year of 2019. It also hosted 285,000 aircraft in the same year. The Gatwick Airport is secondary to the Heathrow Airport but still remains extremely busy throughout the year.

Manchester Airport

Manchester Airport has seen one of the most significant increases in passenger travels over the past few years. An approximate change of more than 4.0% was recorded in terms of passengers using the airport for travel in the year 2018-2019. As of 2019, Manchester Airport saw a total of 30 million passengers using the airport for travel. Indeed, Manchester Airport also remains one of the best and busiest airports in the whole of the United Kingdom.

Edinburgh Airport

Located in Edinburgh, Scotland, the Edinburgh Airport remains the busiest airport in Scotland by a country mile and gives competition to other airports in the whole of the United Kingdom as well. As of 2019, the Edinburgh Airport was the sixth busiest airport in the United Kingdom accommodating more than 15 million passengers throughout the year. Edinburgh Airport is also one that is considered one of the most beautiful airports in the United Kingdom as well.

Bristol Airport

The last in the list is the Bristol Airport. The Bristol Airport hosted almost 9 million passengers in 2019 and is located 8th in the list of the best and the busiest airports in the United Kingdom.