Dress Like a Local in London

Whenever someone goes for an international trip or a much more extended stay, people find it hard to mix up with the local people. One of the reasons for this is language, as it is the primary medium to connect with the locals anywhere in the world. Language is the main distinction between a foreigner and a local. But apart from language, clothing is also an essential aspect, which makes a foreigner become the odd one out of an entire crowd of people.

This is the reason why people must understand the cultural dynamics when moving or visiting any metropolitan city, anywhere. The same goes for the people who intend to visit or stay in London for any length of time. While London has a majority of the local population, there are still a substantial amount of people who are living in London who are foreigners. These people have quickly made themselves change in a way that helps them to blend in with the crowd. Hence, there are a few things travelers must keep in mind when trying to dress like locals in London.

Don’t try too hard

When keeping the London crowd in focus, you can see that the majority of the people there are used to wearing simple, elegant, and casual clothing. Trying hard to disguise yourself by going over the top can come across as a bit too much. Although the dressing styles change from south to north London, the comfort and elegant sense of style remain intact.

Keep track of the weather

London has weather which can be described as ‘unpredictable.’ It can change at any given time and put a lot of people off in case they are not prepared for it. The weather usually remains chilly and gloomy but can suddenly shift to steaming warm sunshine. Similarly, even if the sun is out, it still can rain at any given moment of time since it can never be predicted. Hence, dressing in a way so that how to have something light inside in case the sun comes out and always keep an umbrella with you even when the sun is out. This is one way you can blend yourself with the locals in London.

Don’t be afraid to embrace your style

It goes without saying that London is one of the most culturally diverse places in the world. There are numerous races and religions of people living in London. Hence there can be seen a shift within the local community in terms of clothing and appearance. Therefore, sometimes it is okay for people to wear what they feel comfortable in since the culture is such that no one would disagree with it. Sometimes it’s more about how you carry yourself instead of what you wear and in what conditions.

Avoid wearing London/UK merchandise

One of the silliest mistakes any visitor can do is to wear an “I love London” sweatshirt and not expect people to raise an eye. This is an elementary indication of visitors to wear and keep as a souvenir. Hence, such clothing should be bought but must be avoided wearing in large crowds.

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