What Is the Best Shopping Street in London?

When traveling to places like London, you are bound to find new and attractive products that you may want to buy. Although the city is not the best place to visit due to its over-crowded nature, it still holds many major shopping streets and brands from all over the world. There are many different locations in London which act as shopping streets. Different areas have different benefits and value. It all depends on what you are looking for.

There are nearly eight major shopping streets, centers, and malls around London where good quality products can be found. Some of them are as follows:

Oxford street

This is probably the most famous street in London and arguably the busiest one as well. Oxford Street is located at the heart of the city, making it one of London’s most visited areas. Hence, a tourist must visit Oxford street since there are approximately 300 stores located in that area of London alone. These stores are a collection of British brands as well as international brands. But one thing to notice is that if you are planning on visiting Oxford street, you should know that it is incredibly crowded are to visit on the weekends. It is better to take a trip down Oxford Street during weekdays and preferably in the morning to get the best experience in the area.


This is one of the poshest areas in the city. A lot of high-end brands such as GUCCI, Armani, and Dior are situated here. Some consider it just as famous as the Oxford street, but the major consensus is that it comes right after Oxford street in terms of popularity. It is one of the city’s must-visit area since the Victoria and Albert Museum is also located in the area. The place where Knightsbridge is considered central London; hence, it is easily accessible from all city-regions. Harrods, one of the most famous shops in London, is also located in this shopping street.

Bond street

The bond street is a shopping site designed to satisfy fashion junkies and designer clothing. The place is full of international retailers who have come from all around the world to set up their business. You can find many fancy jewellers in the area and huge names such as Cartier and Tiffany & Co. This place is also highly attractive to people who like to buy antique decorations and art.

King’s road

The area becomes highly popular in the 1900s due to its array of different boutiques and beauty salons. Apart from this, there are a lot of interior decoration shops found in the area, which is very helpful when trying to decorate a house or an apartment. The road is famous for having products which are way over-priced. This is where the name itself is derived from ‘The King’s Road’ since people here used to spend a ton of money on mediocre products. Hence, it is advised to expect to pay more when you are visiting King’s road for shopping

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